Mooring Model Online

by / Wednesday, 03 February 2010 / Published in News

Online Marine Engineering, a service provided by ORCA-Offshore, has recently released the online version of the mooring model.

The mooring model is an online service to perform a full 3D Dynamic Mooring analysis for multi line spread offshore moorings. The output of the model is a ready for issue report describing the used input, the models used and the results and conclusions of the analysis. The model runs on the Online Marine Engineerig server and uses the state of the art marine simulation software MOSES from UltraMarine.

Mooring Model Specification:

  • 3D Hydrodynamic analysis of moring spread
  • Check for two environmental conditions and two tidal current conditions
  • Results presented as capacity rosettes as function of environmental heading
  • Accepted by Noble Denton for mooring analysis of heavy lift vessel
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