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Ophir-Jitang Platform Relocation Analysis with Asian Hercules III

SPT Offshore has commissioned Orca Offshore to perform all the naval architectural analysis for the Ophir WHP relocation project. The Ophir WHP relocation project concerns the one-piece relocation of the suction pile founded Ophir wellhead jacket and topside from the Ophir location to the Jitang field east of Malaysia. The complete platform will be lifted and transported by the Hercules III to the new location freely suspended in the crane.

The scope of work for Orca Offshore included;

  1. Feasibility study to check the motions and jacket strength during lift, transport and re-installtion of the platform.
  2. Asian Hercules III In-field Mooring Design and Analysis
  3. Platform Lift and Setdown final dynamic analysis to define the final allowable seastates for a safe operation
  4. Platform final dynamic transport analysis to determine platform dynamic loads, motions and fatigue loads
  5. Advise operational procedures

The various stages of the transport and installation of this platform has been analysed using MOSES from Bentley utilising the Orca Offshore developed analysis procedures.


NEWS 23 August 2019: Ophir platform relocated

SPT has successfully relocated the Ophir platform. Orca offshore congratulates SPT with this achievement and is proud to have contributed to this challenging project.

SPT Offshore Press release

August 2019 Relocation


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Time Domain
Transport Motions