Our client:

DeltaCat Design for OWL-010

Orca Offshore and Naval Dynamics have delivered the design for a 90 m long semi submersible Wind Turbine Service vessel for OWL Heavy lift. The vessel has been based on the DeltaCat design as Developed by Naval Dynamics and optimized for the client requirements and mission statement.

The design has been done together with the main equipment suppliers and in close cooperation with the client to achieve the best possible mission characteristics.

The DeltaCat semi-submersible design has several unique features which are particularly important for the intended application in the Offshore Wind market.

The scope of work for Naval Dynamics and Orca offshore included:

  • Develop Concept design Package for Yard including;
    • General Arrangement, tank plan, power plan, propulsion plan, Safety plan
    • Equipment specification, makers list
    • Weight engineering
    • Basis of Design
  • Naval Architectural design and analysis
    • DP capacity, speed prediction
    • Stability checks transit, working and survival
    • Dynamic motion analysis for workability estimates
    • Tuning dynamic models with modeltest results

Next phase will be the full Basic and detailed Design and construction of the vessel which is now planned to start end of 2020. During Basic Design and construction of the vessel, Naval Dynamics and Orca-Offshore will continue to support the client to assure that the mission statement and requirements will be achieved.




Our Partner for this project: Naval Dynamics AS
For more information regarding the vessel: OWL Heavy Lift
The following companies have contributed to the design of the WTSU:

Model test

A whole range of basin and wind tunnel modeltests have been performed.

3D Rendering

The vessel will be able to work over the wind turbine nacelle for maintenance.

Motion Analysis

Installation motions analysis have been performed for work on fixed or floating turbines.