Engineering Tools

ORCA-Offshore uses the following engineering tools:

ORCA-Offshore owns a full Enterprise license of MOSES from Bentley. MOSES is a structural and Marine simulation language used to analysis motions, loads and stresses in multibody marine structures subjected to the marine environment. We have more than 20 years experience using this software. MOSES has been the world-wide industry standard for the design and analysis of all types of floating  structures since the late 70’s. MOSES can calculate the hydrostatic, hydrodynamic and structural effects of almost any structure exposed to the sea environment. For more information visit the Bentley MOSES website here.

Rhino is the surface modeler used throuhout many industries. This surface modeller can be used to generate complex ship models which can directly be imported into MOSES for analysis.

FesaWin is a inhouse developed Finite Element program to analyse the stresses in beams and plates. Fesawin can also be used to generate and edit MOSES and SACS models.