Operational Motion Forecast

Operational Motion Forecast

ORCA Offshore provides a life Operational Motion Forecast service for offshore transport and installation projects. This service will give the offshore installation manager life information on the motions and loads in the system based on the most recent weather forecast. This information can be used to take the start, stop or continuation decision for critical offshore operations.

The service combines the know-how and experience of ORCA Offshore regarding computing technology, offshore operations, weather dynamics and vessel hydrodynamics which makes this service reliable and accurate.

The Operational Motion Forecast (OMF) service will be setup before the start of the operation by preparing a full 3D dynamic model using the multibody motion software MOSES. With this model the actual response of the system will be analysed for each received weather forecast and the results of this analysis will be forwarded to the offshore crew.
Using the prediction of this system the decision to start, proceed or stop can be taken on a much better basis. The service includes support by a senior Naval Architect who will prepare and check the data before it is send to the offshore crew for their use.

This service is unique for the offshore industry and has the potential to reduce weather down time and weather risks for critical offshore operations without the need for any additional hardware on board. The service can be setup for any kind of transport or offshore construction project, and includes a full dynamic analysis report and a OMF system description manual for Marine Warranty Surveyor review and approval.

Weather Forecast

OMF can use various sources of weather forecast. This example shows a traditional forecast sheet as provided to the ships crew by the forecasting service. The OMF can use this as input or setup a direct link to the metoecean service.


When the new weather forecast is received all forecasted environmental conditions are defined as a loadcase and run in time domain or frequency domain through a dynamic model of the operation to simulate the behaviour in the forecasted conditions. This run will be done on our servers and the results will be checked by an experienced Naval Architect before the results are sent to the ship.

OMF Report

A summary table showing the utilisation of the operational limits will be presented together with the weather forecast. This information will show the offshore crew the actual forecasted behaviour of the ship or offshore installation. If required detailed reports can also be generated showing the motions or loads of each item of interest.

Motion forecast plot

This example shows a graphical representation of the forecasted system utilisation over time. The report can be costum build for the client or the standard report can be used.


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