Innovation support from Orca Offshore

Innovation support from Orca Offshore

Orca Offshore has launched a new service to support enterprises with their innovations. Using our many years of experience with innovations and our vast network we can provide technology and strategic input regarding;

Development of Business plan,

Technology development plan,

Finding technical breakthroughs using brainstorm sessions,

Specialist advice and reviews,

Subsidy application.


Orca offshore has been involved in several innovations over the years ranging from product, (e.g. MonoBaseWind 2010) to process, (e.g. Offshore Decision Support 2008).

The process from the end of discovery phase (TRL 1-3) through the development and demonstration phase (TRL 4 – 8) is often referred to as the  innovation phase of a product or process. Orca offshore can help your organisation to get your innovation through this phase and help to overcome the technical and commercial barriers.

We also provide experience with subsidy applications for Dutch programs (RVO HE) and European programs  (H2020) from both sides of the process, writing and evaluating.

So if you need any help to accelerate your maritime innovation contact Orca Offshore.

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