Dana Petroleum Western Isles Berth Mooring Analysis

For Keppel Verolme a berth mooring design and analysis has been performed for the Dana Petroleum Western Isles FPSO. The FPSO will be moored at the Keppel Verolme Quay in Rotterdam.

Scope for Orca Offshore included;

  • Prepare 3D hull model of the vessel
  • Prepare model including, mooring lines, fenders and mooring barge between the FPSO and the quay
  • Design mooring plan
  • Model directional wind data
  • Perform full intact and damaged mooring analysis following GL-ND guidelines
  • Specify mooring lines

The analysis model consisted of two seperate bodies to determine the loads between the FPSO and the mooring barge.

In order to find a solution for this complex mooring, several alternative designs have been analysed for intact and damaged line condition.

The analysis have been performed with MOSES from Bentley systems using a in house developed web based interface to generate the input for the MOSES run.

With this interface it is possible to quickly change the mooring system and to review the results of the MOSES analysis. The input control and standardised output made it easier to control all the runs and to keep track of the quality of the work.

For more details on this MOSES mooring interface please review the Mooring page.

Our client:

Keppel Verolme B.V.