Marathon ALBA B3 Structural transport analysis

Orca Offshore has performed a full structural spectral strength and fatigue analysis of the Marathon EG Alba B3 platform transport from Europe to Afrika on the Heerema barge H541. The work included the purchase of environmental data for the fatigue analyses and for the extreme transport criteria. The transport had to be designed for unrestricted environmental conditions passing the Gulf of Biskay in January. This required the transport to be designed for maximum waves in exces of 18 meter.

Scope of this work included:

  • Specification and purchase of environmental data from BOC
  • Spectral fatigue analysis of the Jacket,
  • Spectral strength analysis of the jacket and the topside
  • Advise on optimal transport configuration to minimise the transport loads

The spectral structural transport analysis clearly showed the advantage of this method compared to a conventional transport analysis. The conservative load combinations which are required for the conventioal method can be avoided which does give much more realistic results which reduces the amount of steel required for the transport. Read more about Structural transport analysis here.

For this project Heerema Fabrication Group is the main contractor in cooperation with Iv-AGA’s (a subsidiary of Iv-Groep) offices in Houston, United States. The T&I of the platform has been subcontracted to HFG’s sister division Heerema Marine Contractors in Leiden, the Netherlands.

The Alba B3 compression platform will consist of a 4,500 ton topside and a 4-legged 2,000 ton jacket which will be fabricated at the Heerema Zwijndrecht and Heerema Vlissingen yard, respectively.

HFGE Press release

2 Dec 2015



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