Ulstein Pipelay vessel Workability Analysis

Orca Offshore was hired by Ulstein Seas of Solutions to perform a pipelay workability analysis of the pipelay vessel SapuraKencana 3500.

The analysis has been performed using MOSES which combined the vessel motion analysis and the structural analysis of the stinger and the behaviour of the pipe in one model.

The allowable seastate has been derived for the following criteria:

  • Stinger uplift risk
  • Stinger slamming loads
  • Stinger structural strength
  • Stinger Hitch design loads
  • Pipe load limitations.




Our client:

Ulstein Sea of Solutions



Moses Model

The vessel model including the structural model of the stinger. The model consist of five seperate bodies connected with special elements to transfer the loads.

Polar Plot

This polar plot shows the allowable seastate for the intended operation. The used critera include the strength of the stinger, the attachment points design loads and motion limits of the stinger and pipe. This polar plot is only an example of the generated output and does not represent actual data of this vessel

SapuraKencana 3500

Vessel type Heavy lift and pipe lay Design DLV3500 Built by COSCO Nantong Year 2014 Owned by SapuraKencana Designed by Ulstein Design & Solutions BV