Venture/Centrica F3-FA

Part of a great team ORCA-Offshore has contributed to the successfull design and installation of the Centrica F3-FA self installing Platform. The platform has been build by Heerema Vlissingen and has been installed by SPT Offshore.

ORCA Offshore provided Marine engineering support using the Online Marine Engineering tools which included:

  • Transport Stability and Motion analysis
  • Installation Motion and Operability analysis
  • Dynamic Mooring analysis
  • Full Spectral Structural transport analysis, ultimate strength and Fatigue
  • Full spectral Structural Installation analysis.

ORCA Offshore also provided operational support as client representative during the Tow from Vlissingen to the field and as Assistant Super Intendent during the platform installation.

A prototype of the Operational Decision Support system was used to help to take the decisions to start the tow and to start the installation of the platform. The system proved to be very helpfull and gave a clear picture of the operational risks as function of the weather forecasts.

The platform weighing in total 9000 ton has been towed and installed in four days using a 400′ barge, three tugs and one DSV.

Our client:

SPT Offshore