Subsea 7 Marine Analysis BP ACE production platform

Orca Offshore and UltraMarine Europe have been contracted by installation contractor Subsea 7 to provide support to their installation team and to provide the final installation analysis and simulations regarding the marine scope of the BP ACE Caspian Sea project.

The work includes all the naval architectural analysis for the installation of the 16,500 ton jacket and the 24,000 ton topside. The platform will be installed in 135 m waterdepth.  The jacket will be launched and upended using a crane vessel while the topside will be installed utilizing a float-over method.

The scope of work for Orca Offshore and UltraMarine Europe include;

  1. Jacket and topside transport stability, motions and structural strength verification.
  2. Jacket, Launch simulation
  3. Jacket docking procedure design, simulation static and dynamic
  4. Jacked on bottom stability analysis
  5. Skirt pile, transport and installation, static and dynamic analysis, including structural verification
  6. Topside Float-over analysis
  7. Various Mooring Analysis
  8. Advise operational procedures

The analysis and simulations will be performed using MOSES from Bentley Engineering.

By teaming up with UltraMarine Europe we are able to provide an unique combination of operational and analytical experience which will assure the value and quality for our client.

The Jacket will be installed in 2021 and the topside in summer 2022.

Floatation Tank removal

Jacket Docking

Jacket Model