DeltaCat Design for WTSU-010

Date: June 2020
Client: Offshore Wind Logistics b.v.
Product: Vessel Design

SPT Offshore – Dynamic Lift analysis

Date: Feb 2019
Client: SPT Offshore
Product: Lift Analysis

OWF Norther Offshore Wind Farm – Trencher launch and recovery

Date: Nov 2018
Client: DHLC and van Oord
Product: Lift Analysis

Lift Analysis – OWF Deutsch Bucht – Gripper Frame Seajack Scylla

Date: June 2018
Client: Eager.One
Product: Lift Analysis

Ship launch analysis

Date: March 2018
Client: Non Disclosed
Product: Stability Analysis

Lift Analysis Seajack Scylla

Date: June 2015
Client: Euro Rigging bv
Product: Lift Analysis

Sea Trucks Group Chevron Delta LQ platform Dynamic Lift Analysis

Date: March 2013
Client: Sea Trucks Group
Product: Dynamic Lift Analysis / Workability Analysis

Ballast Nedam Butendiek NMS Lifting Study

Date: December 2013
Client: Ballast Nedam
Product: Dynamics Lift Analysis

IDEA Heavy Equipment

Date: December 2010
Client: IDEA Heavy Equipment
Product: Calculation of Lift Dynamic Amplification Factor