Sea Trucks Group Chevron Delta LQ platform Dynamic Lift Analysis

On request of West African Ventures, a daughter company of the Sea Truck Group, Orca Offshore has performed a full dynamic lift analysis for the Chevron Delta South LQ platform installation. The Living Quarter Deck will be installed on the existing DSQ platorm at the Escravos field offshore Nigeria.

The scope of this work was to optimise the lift arrangement in order to improve the workability of the lift for the extreme local swell conditions.

The work performed  includes:
1. Dynamic Lift Analysis
– Frequency domain motion and load analysis for various stages of the lift
2. Operability Analysis
– Determine limiting environmental conditions based on motion and load criteria.
3. Workability analysis
– Determine workability of the various stages based on wave scatter data

For the final lift scenarios the allowable seastates for the various stages of the heavy lift and the workability numbers based on the client provided wave scatter diagrams have been determined and reported.


Our client: