Lift Analysis – OWF Deutsch Bucht – Gripper Frame Seajack Scylla

A dynamic lift analysis has been performed for the Scylla Pile Gripper as design by Eager.One (former Euro Rigging bv.) This system has been used before on the Veja-Mate OWF project and is now being re-used for the OWF Deutsche Bucht project for van Oord. The objective of this analysis is to update the operational limits of the system for this specific project.

The gripper frame is mounted on deck of the jack-up installation vessel Seajacks Scylla. The frame will guide the monopole during installation/piling, while hanging in the crane.

Orca offshore has modelled various stages of the of the pile installation to determine the best damping settings to achieve the best workability of the system.
The system has been modelled in MOSES as a multibody dynamic model to derive the motions and internal loads of the pile , the crane block and the gripper system.

Our client:

Eager.One | Van Oord