East Cendor Platform Lift and Mooring Analysis with Asian Hercules III

SPT Offshore has commissioned Orca Offshore to perform all the naval architectural analysis for the East Cendor project. The East Cendor project concerns the installation of a suction pile founded wellhead jacket and topside east of Malaysia. The Jacket will be transported on a cargo barge and will be lifted, upended and lowered onto the seabed using the Asian Hercules III operated by Asian Lift (Boskalis).

The scope of work for Orca Offshore included;

  1. Jacket and Topside Marine Transport Analysis
  2. Asian Hercules III In-field Mooring Design and Analysis
  3. Static Jacket Upend Analysis
  4. Jacket Dynamic Lift & Upend Analysis
  5. Topside Dynamic Lift Analysis

The various stages of the transport and installation of this platform has been analysed using MOSES from Bentley utilizing the Orca Offshore developed analysis procedures.

Installation of the jacket is planned for September 2020.


Mooring design

Pre-Lift situation

Lift – Off barge move out

Set-down operation