Ship launch analysis

Orca Offshore has done a verification launch analysis for a ship launch using trolleys.

The stability during launch was calculated by the client using traditional methods which indicated a possible stability issue during the launch. Orca Offshore was asked to verify the calculations using MOSES and to evaluate possible measures to improve the stability during the launch. The MOSES analysis showed that the stability during all phases of the launch was adequate which indicated that the traditional calculation method appeared to be too conservative. The proposed alternative using a shearleg has also been analysed, but our advise was not to use the shearleg to improve the stability as it would only increase the complexity of the operation and increase the risk for mistakes.

The scope of work for Orca included:

  • Modelling of the ship and launch system
  • Simulating standard launch method
  • Evaluate crane supported alternative launch method
  • Evaluate and advise best practice

Our client:

non disclosed



Crane assisted

Crane on Stern